Dogecoin Arts Foundation

The Dogecoin Arts Foundation will exist to tip creators of Dogecoin art, videos, and other creative pursuits. This will help the community retain a playful, creative spirit while increasing awareness. We would eventually like to commission mural artists to create public art projects in urban cultural centers. Of course, you should continue to tip when you see good Dogecoin art, this project will allow us to pool our resources and commision higher quality work than might otherwise be created. Let's go to the Moon!

Transparency is important. We will log the outgoing transactions from this address. This way, you can see how your donations are spent.

I have seeded this fund with 10,000 DOGE. If you would like to be a founding member, send an email to dogearts at We could use your talents and/or your donations.

First 1000 DOGE sent to the creator of dogecoin.avi!